Technology and Products

Greenshift Labs focuses on the creation of novel antibacterial and antiviral coatings that are safe, effective, and green. Two product categories are currently being developed that fill their respective niches in the coatings market and address specific problems currently plaguing the antibacterial coatings field. They include the BioShield SeriesGreenshift Labs’ Antimicrobial Natural Series; a product line designed for the general public that harnesses completely natural and safe antimicrobials, and the EverShield Seriesa long-lasting coating designed to withstand the scratches and scuffs of life. These two series are non-overlapping and together cover the most important territory for antimicrobial coatings.

1. BioShield Series – Natural antimicrobial coating solutions

The vast majority of antimicrobial products on the market today are often harmful, irritating, or do not easily biodegrade in the environment. Many of these substances, including quaternary ammonium salts (Lysol wipes), bleach-containing (Clorox), and silver-containing (Microban) products, are decades-old solutions to the problems associated with bacterial contamination and were implemented in the previous century when their effect on human or environmental health was not a concern. In recent years however, society has become profoundly aware of how such products can affect health, which has led to more stringent consumer decisions that demand performance and safety for themselves and the environment. We believe the solution to this problem is to harness what nature provides us and combine it with state-of-the-art research to design a product made for the 21st century; a product that is both effective and safe for humans and the environment.

Greenshift Labs has created a new product line that offers antimicrobial protection and safety for consumers to use in their daily lives. The key to our approach begins with an inexpensive, natural and food-safe substances. We then process these substances using novel methods developed in our labs to introduce antimicrobial function and combine it with delivery agents to produce our product. We call this new product BioShield. When applied to a surface, BioShield dries within seconds, kills bacteria and leaves a thin transparent coating that prolongs the antimicrobial effect.

An independent lab’s tests of BioShield coatings has found that they kill at least 99.97% of E. coli and S. aureus and last on surfaces for at least 30 days.

Based on these findings, the company is developing three different applications:

B-Armor – Natural antimicrobial coating solution for everyday touch surfaces

Antimicrobial protection for hard surfaces in your daily life. The product is applied using a wet wipe or sprayed from a bottle and left to dry after application and drying, surfaces are coated in a thin, optically clear antimicrobial coating. Using a wet wipe, the surface is cleaned of dirt and grease while also eliminating any bacteria. The coating provides protection for about a month and is completely safe to touch.

The company filed a provisional application in the US for the product and the technology in which it operates.

We estimate that within 6 months of development we will improve the formulation to be both antiviral and more durable.

The company is currently conducting initial negotiations with several wipe manufacturers, including Al Bad, Israel’s biggest wipe producer and number 3 worldwide, and Dynamic Wipe Industries, Israel’s second largest wipe producer, with the aim of adapting the solution for usage with wipes. It currently appears that marketing and distribution will be based on the chosen manufacturer’s mechanisms.

PaperShield Natural antimicrobial coating solution for the paper industry

Our active ingredient can be incorporated into any number of formulations, including those for the paper industry. Because PaperShield is a safe and natural antimicrobial, it is ideal to be used with paper that comes into contact with food.

Paper is a natural product used in the food sector for everything from single-use food wrappers and tray covers to packaging and napkins. The introduction of PaperShield to paper in these products can inhibit bacterial proliferation and reduce the chance of infection because of contamination. Our active ingredients are simple to prepare on a large scale and will allow the company to penetrate a market with a yearly worth of billions of dollars.

All our competitors use identical, obsolete silver-based technology. Though effective, this technology is not environmentally friendly, not sustainable, and is more expensive than PaperShield. This makes usage of silver in food packaging unlikely, leaving us as the sole player in the fast-food and bakery market.

FabricShield Natural antimicrobial coating solution for fabrics

Studies have concluded that 7–9% of hospital deaths are due to infections and complications traced to microbial exposure at a medical facility. For this reason, surface sterility and the personal hygiene of medical staff are of crucial importance in maintaining patient safety.

Touch surfaces like elevator buttons, railings, and medical equipment are among the most common vectors for infection, however fabrics found in curtains and uniforms are more difficult to keep clean and free of pathogens. FabricShield offers a solution to this problem thanks to its safety, ease of application, and ability to exterminate bacteria. It is also safe for most fabrics and skin contact, making it an ideal option.

2. EverShield Series – long-lasting antimicrobial coating for rigid surfaces

The EverShield Series coating is based on phosphonium ion technology combined with UV-curing. This unique combination offers an unprecedented coating design that is robust, easy to apply, and effective at killing pathogens like no other.The polymer remains effective for decades and is more resistant to abrasion than current technologies on the market.

Greenshift Labs will develop applications for a variety of areas, including food producers, hospitals, public transport, aircraft, airports, malls, and more.

Long-lasting coatings that kill pathogens are uniquely suited for these industries, among many others where touch-surfaces pose a public health risk. Our EverShieldSeries directly targets these industries by offering excellent protection, simple coating procedures, and performance all in one. Tests performed have shown that this polymer provides greater than log 3 protection level and is easy to apply to any surface. The use of phosphonium in contrast to ammonium-based salts, provides a much greater potential in antimicrobial activity which has yet to be relegalized. This development will allow the company to launch a leading product through which it will dominate the hospital protection market. Along with these properties, the said polymer is inexpensive to manufacture and significantly more durable than its silver- and copper-based competitors. The reason our competitors do not use phosphorus salts is that developing applications for this polymer requires specific expertise that they lack.