Commercial potential

BioShield Series

The surprise and upheaval we experienced following the onset of the pandemic caused rapid changes in our behavior and increased awareness of everything related to closeness and touch, requiring us to think in terms of clean/contaminated, safe/potentially contagious.

It’s hard to believe, but recent tests show that our cellphones are three times more contaminated than the public toilet. It is doubtful if any of us are willing to put our faces on the toilet, yet we do such a thing with our cellphones while eating or interacting with children.

It’s not just the cellphone. The computer keyboard and mouse, the office door handle, the steering wheel of our car, and hundreds of other surfaces with which we come into constant contact—all of them are contaminated and contribute to the spread of infection. As people become more aware of this fact, steps are being taken to ensure our touch surfaces are kept clean for prolonged periods, which can be achieved with coatings developed by Greenshift Labs.

Materials like fabric and paper also pose significant risk to spread infection when touched or when in contact with food. In addition to wipe-based products, the antimicrobial substance we have developed can be incorporated into many types of woven fabrics and paper to imbue them with the desired antimicrobial protection. The ability to do so in a safe and cost effective manner opens up a potential market worth billions. Moreover, as mentioned before, between 7–9% of hospital deaths are due to hospital-acquired infections and complications related to both hard surfaces and fabrics. Therefore, surface sterility and the personal hygiene of medical staff are of crucial importance in maintaining patient safety. We believe that in light of the proven effectiveness of our solution and in light of its natural ingredients that are safe for constant contact with human skin, its suitability for protecting separation curtains and medical staff uniforms embodies significant revenue potential.

EverShield Series

Protection against pathogens has shifted from an abstract recommendation into a binding necessity. Businesses that do not act in accordance with it will be defeated by their competitors and eventually lose their ability to survive.

At this point we can conclude with certainty that entire industries will be forced to change the way they operate in order to reduce their customers’ concerns of becoming sick. In fact, we are confident that most businesses in developed countries have already begun to prepare for a fundamental and long-term change in the way their services are provided to their customers and that this trend will only intensify over the next two years.

We believe that our patented products will be the best in their class and provide new solutions to industries seeking improved performance and safety.