About Us

Greenshift Labs was founded in early 2019 with the aim to develop advanced, simple to use products that promote cleaner and healthier living. The company draws upon the expertise of an international team of biologists, chemists, and business-development professionals with the goal to develop scientific solutions in healthcare and wellbeing with competitive advantage and commercial potential. The company is registered in Germany with offices in Berlin and a laboratory at the Science Park in Potsdam. Following intensive research work, we decided to focus on developing applications for antimicrobial and antiviral coatings.

Since this is a broad field that enables the development of countless applications, we chose to focus in the near future on the development of two product series of significant business potential:

The BioShield Series:

The company developed BioShield, an antimicrobial solution based on natural ingredients, safe for human touch and for usage with food. Tests by an independent laboratory in Germany showed excellent results in terms of antimicrobial efficacy (log 3.49).

The company completed the development of B-Armor, an application for coating hard surfaces, and is in the early stages of developing an applications that will enable the production of antimicrobial paper and fabric. Later, additional applications will be developed based on the same active ingredients.

The EverShield Series:

A patented phosphorus-salt-based polymer that remains effective for about 50 years and is more efficient than technologies currently available in the antipathogenic coating market. The applications that the company plans to develop are intended for the food industry, hospitals, public transportation, aircraft, and similar industries. The coating is both antimicrobial and antiviral.